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East / South Texas and Beaumont, TX Pool Fence Installations

Drowning is preventable with a pool fence installation in your Southeast Texas home. #1 Local Installer, based in Beaumont, TX.

Adult supervision alone is not enough. Pool fences are your last line of defense and the key to a child’s survival when all else fails.

  • Nothing has been proven to be more effective than the installation of a physical pool barrier in combination with layers of protection to keep kids and pets safe near pools.
  • Unclimbable pool fences proactively stop children in their tracks and isolate them from the pool.
Pool Fences Saves Lives
A pool fence reduces the risk of drowning by almost 90%

Did you know? Removable mesh pool fence is Recommended by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. And the American Academy of Pediatrics states the #1 safety precaution for pool safety is a non-climbable 4-foot-tall fence with a self-closing, self-latching gate. Adult supervision alone is not a guarantee!

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    Not using a pool fence in Texas is the same thing as leaving a loaded gun in your playhouse. The facts are staggering.

    An unprotected pool is over one-hundred times more dangerous to your child than a loaded gun (Freakanomics, 2005). In fact, Drowning is the #1 cause of death for children under five. And the statistics are staggering. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

    While some homes in the Beaumont and Southeast Texas region do have fences around their pools, they are usually not designed for the specific purpose of pool safety and they are climbable, making them very dangerous.

    Installing a pool safety fence into every home in South Texas is the answer to HOW WE CAN STOP ACCIDENTAL DROWNING?

    • In 2021, Texas led the Country in drownings with 77 children reported to have been fatal.  There are 8 X more non-fatal drownings. That’s 616 children, enough to fill 16 school buses survived non-fatal drownings, many left with lifelong injuries and hardships for the child and family.
    • 18 of these children are near us, in Harris County, Galveston County or other locales.
    • From 2019-2021 the total number of fatal Texas drownings is reported to be 251 children almost all of them in a backyard pool or apartment pool.
    • In the U.S., there are about 11 fatal drownings per day, and over 2960 per year.
    • 69 percent of drowning incidents occur when supervision failed and there were no other protective measures in place.
    • Most children were seen less than 5 minutes before being found in the pool.
    • Infants and many children cannot self-rescue.
    • Drowning can happen right in front of your eyes without splashing or flailing.
    • A child under 30 pounds can drown in less than 30 seconds.
    Child Pool & Spa Drowning Texas 2019 Statistics
    child pool safety fence

    Life Saver mesh pool fence installed with solar lights

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    • We install the Solid Core Life Saver Fence, the strongest pool fencing the Country.
    • Our Owner also provides Survival Swim Lessons from “Float-First”
    • We educate all customers about pool safety
    • We are active in the Community. We’ve donated two fences recently as part of the Save a Life Program.
    Your Family Deserves the Best

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    Our Pool Fence Installation Process

    Would you own a gun and not lock it up? If you own a pool, nothing matters more than locking it up!

    Of all the potential dangers in your home, drowning poses the most danger to your family. Small children do not understand the consequences of forever and risks of their actions. But you the parent, do! In that split second you are not paying attention, life can change forever.  That’s why you need put in a mesh pool fence—don’t leave your child’s safety up to chance.

    About Our Child Pool Safety Fences for Customers in the Beaumont, TX and Southeast Texas Area

    We install pool fencing year-round in Southeast Texas to ensure little kids stay on solid ground.  We install into in-ground an above ground pools and most surfaces!

    • Life Saver Solid Core Fence
    • Pool Safety Gates (square and arched solid core)
    • Pet Fence
    • Seawall Mesh Fence
    • If You Own Pool Fence DIY, We Can Install It.
    • Mesh Fence for Landscaped Areas / Steps etc.
    • Gate & Pool Alarms

    Color options: We do provide color options however black mesh pool fence is the most transparent, providing you a clear line of site to your pool. In Texas, black and copper vein are popular. Color options depends on availability. May require special order.

    Where We Install Mesh Fencing:

    • Residential pools (parents, grandparents)
    • Commercial pools
    • Community or apartment complex pools
    • Rentals
    • Airbnb
    Life Saver Removable Mesh Pool Fence


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    About Southeast Texas

    Southeast Texas is comprised of a wide variety on homes, from modern to farmhouse, traditional, Victorian, historical, townhomes and even modular or mobile homes. One thing that ties all of these diverse residential types together is the need for pool safety. The region’s bodies of water include ocean, bays, lakes, ponds, piers, rivers and pools, all of which can be protected with mesh pool fencing. Texas is filled with families and the number of pools is expanding in number every year. All parents, grandparents and anyone living near children nor pets can benefit by improving the pool safety measures they put into place on their property.

    About Pool Season in Texas

    Pool season extends throughout much of the year in Texas with some winter, cooler month experiencing a slowdown of pol usage. As more, heated pools are built, the Season essentially continues year-round.

    About Beaumont, Texas

    With a population of est. 118, 151, Beaumont, a City in Jefferson County, TX is home to many pools in addition to museums, historic buildings (such as Beaumont Commercial District, the Jefferson Theatre, & Jefferson County Courthouse) a history of oil drilling making it a petro-chemical refining area and an industrial center. The city lies on Texas’s coastal plain, about 20 miles from the Gulf of Mexico and 85 miles east of Houston. there are over 45, 648 households in Beaumont.

    Areas We Serve

    Pool fences are used Worldwide, and all throughout Southeast Texas. Life Saver Pool Fence Southeast Texas serves customers in the following counties:

    Harris, Liberty, San Jacinto, Polk, Angelina, Sabine, Newton, Tyler, Jasper, Japer Hardin, Orange, Jefferson, Chambers, Galveston, Fort Bend, Brazoria, Wharton, Jackson, Matagorda, Victoria, Waller, Walker, Trinity, Sealy, Hempstead, Brenham. Navasota and into the border of Louisiana.

    We are especially convenient for customers looking to install pool fencing in Beaumont, Humble, Kingwood, Atascocita, Pasadena, Sugar Land, Missouri City, Galveston, Livingston, College Station, Cleveland and Houston.