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Texas leads the nation in child drownings, but we are changing that one home—one pool—at a time. Only a pool barrier prevents pool access, works 24/7 and provides parents with peace of mind when other layers of protection fail. As a parent of a child who drowned in our own pool, I can tell you, there is NO SECOND CHANCE when it comes to pool safety. Taking preventative measures is the only safe way to keeping little ones on solid ground. – Owner, Jamie Corbett

  • Authorized, trained local Life Saver installers in Beaumont area region
  • Infant Survival Swim instructors (owners of Float-First)
  • Pool safety experts educating parents about the 7 Layers of Protection.
  • Family owned and operated
  • We also inform parents about the importance of pool safety, and the

To get to know us better, call or text Jamie at 832-205-4118. Jamie and her husband Jason, a former Marine and Career Fireman, have the knowledge to keep your home safe.

Our mission

To spread awareness, educate families and caregivers about drowning, and do everything possible to prevent it, including installing pool fencing.

We lost our son Gunner to drowning. There is no “second chance.”

“We had a mesh pool fence up at our pool a few years back. We took our pool fence down briefly to take photos to list our home on the market. In that instant, our lives changed. 20 minutes later we found our son drowned, gone forever. Even as a graduate of infant survival swim classes, he was gone. A child pool fence would have been the difference.

I would do anything to change that day. I’ve committed my life to installing the best pool fencing to help make sure this does not happen again. Preventative measures is THE answer. In our case, even with multiple layers of protection place, every layer failed that day and it became the perfect storm for disaster. If the pool fence had been in place that day, like it usually was, I would still have my son today.

Looking back, I wish we had known what we know now, about just how important pool fences are for keeping children safe, but we didn’t.”


Jamie Corbett

Would you like to learn about our Save A Life Program? Life Saver Pool Fence’s program has helped countless families in need over 30 years. Learn more here:

One drowning is too many. But Life Saver makes a difference to try to help.


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