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Do you live in Polk County, TX and have a pool fence around your pool? If you have not considered all the benefits of a pool safety fence, consider that drowning is the #1 leading cause of accidental death in children ages 1-4. You can see this directly on the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services website (

In addition, 69% of all drownings among children ages 4 and younger happen during non-swim times so parental supervision when near a pool is just not enough to guarantee your family’s safety. These two statistics alone are startling.

The thing is, it’s not bad parents that lose kids. It’s all parents. That’s because it’s unrealistic to be able to watch your child every single second. Life Saver Pool Fence Southeast Texas recommends putting safety first! Without proper safety precautions, even with adult supervision and other layers of protection like door and pool alarms, many drownings still occur while under direct supervision. Layers of protection including a Life Saver Pool Fence is the answer!

But the only proven and guaranteed way to keep both children and pets isolated form your pool is with a physical pool barrier and gate system. Call (832) 205-4118 or contact us online to speak with a pool safety expert at Life Saver Pool Fence Southeast Texas today to learn more. Onsite, Phone & Virtual Estimates available.

How Big a Problem is Drowning in Texas?

Overall, Texas has an estimated over half a million pools, and a number of them are likely near you! Statistics show that about seventy-six kids drowned in swimming pools in 2021 in Texas alone. Way too many! Such devastating stats should motivate all of us as parents to be more proactive to invest in a pool safety fence.  

And, if you look closely on this Texas website, you will see that drownings occurred in more than just pools: lakes, ponds, beaches etc. are all places where they can occur. However the majority of those cases took place in a backyard pool as well as pools in communities, at apartment complexes or even at hotels. Pool fences serve a purpose near any body of water! 

Texas Pool Fence Requirements*

Additionally, Texas laws mandate pool owners to fence the surrounding area of their swimming pool. Local regulations include:

  • Securing the pool area with fences measuring at least up to 48 inches. 
  • Securing your pool with robust alarm systems and locks ensures no trespassing. 
  • Ensuring there are no gaps between the ground, bottom, and even the fence’s pickets that must not exceed the width of 4 inches. 
  • You must not use slats of fences like chains that children can use to climb onto the fences. 
  • It is necessary to have a self-closing, lockable, or self-latching gate at least 48 inches high. 
  • Installing a throwing rope of at least one-quarter inch in diameter and a reaching pole that does not conduct electricity. 

These are just some of the rules you need to follow to ensure your pool installation is compliant with all regulations. Always check with your local Town or City directly for official laws. Ensuring these compliances are non-negotiable terms to prevent any violation. Fortunately, you need not worry about any of these regulations, and just give us a call or text at (832) 205-4118 to learn more and to request a free evaluation.



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    Life Saver Pool Fence: Best Pool Fencing Option To Ensure Unmatched Safety and Protection


    Why Install A Life Saver Pool Fence?

    Why consider installing a Life Saver Pool Fence? In addition to being the strongest mesh fence and poles you can find, Life Saver Pool Fence has been voted “Best Pool Fencing” by Forbes and it is also recommended by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. It’s the ideal safety solution everyone needs around their pools in Polk County, TX. The number of drowning incidents is growing in Texas, so it only makes sense to take all necessary safety measures. Putting a fence around your pool can help make that number go down faster! 

    All About Our Life Saver Pool Fence Products In Polk County, TX

    Life Saver Pool Fence Southeast Texas is the areas #1 authorized Life Saver installer. We are trained pool safety experts. We stand behind our product! 

    Quality: Every Life Saver Pool Fence that we offer undergoes severe scrutiny to ensure unmatched quality. So you never need to worry about the durability and life of your Life Saver Pool Fence. Our poles are the strongest in the industry as well as our mesh. 

    Attractive: In addition, our Life Saver Pool Fences are ideally suited for enhancing the visual appeal of your swimming pool. You can get these fences in different colors: brown, black, tan, copper vein, green, and even white. They often enhance your backyard and elevate the beauty of your home but the #1 reason to keep them in place is to keep kids safe. It is our top job as parents, grandparents, and property owners. Also, all mesh pool fences come with highly transparent, marine grade mesh that promise a transparency percentage of est. 96%. This improves safety for your children and other vulnerable family members because you will always maintain an unobscured and clear line of sight to your pool area! Believe it or not, black mesh is much more transparent than white, so black mesh pool fence tends to be the most popular! 

    Warranty: In addition, Life Saver Pool Fence comes with a 100 year warranty on all parts of our fences and gates. Furthermore, we will honor the warranty and fix defects if found! All of these warranty benefits are here so that you feel confident for years to come. No other company stands behind its pool fencing like we do. 

    Options: Life Saver Pool Fence of Polk County, TX, is available in varied sizes to suit your requirements. You can get them in sizes 42, 48, and 60 inches high. 

    Life Saver Pool Fence (Solid Core) Features:

    • Triple reinforced solid core pole (the strongest!)
    • Powder coated pool fence poles (aerospace grade aluminum!)
    • Marine grade Textilene Mesh with fade resistant polyvinyl coated nylon construction in a basket weave
    • Tensile strength rating of over 387 pounds per square inch! Very strong! 
    • Pool fence mesh is bordered on all four sides with vinyl border (to not unravel)  
    • Multiple height options (from 3 ½ ft to 5 ft)
    • Offering attractive self-latching and self-closing pool gates (both Square and Arched) 
    • A wide selection of colors (black is very popular because it is the most transparent)
    • Removable, easy to use and convenient 
    • 100 Year warranty! Every part of a Life Saver fence comes with a 100 Year Warranty
    • Works for both inground pools and above ground pools
    • Made in the USA!
    • Proven and tested
    • Ask about Accessories

    Double Truss Square and Arched Stock Pool Gates – Easy to Use, Safe and Attractive

    You must certainly check out our double truss stock Life Saver Pool Fence pool gates. They create an easy attractive way to get into your pool area. We carry both square (flat topped) gates as well as arched (curved) top gates.

    Our pool gates are self-latching and self-closing, so you can be sure if a gate is opened that it will in fact shut on its own And that means your pool gate is making your pool area safer! The last thing you want to do is put in a pool fence and leave an opening in the fence. Our gates are built with the finest aluminum available in the industry. The structure is framed on four different sides, enabling the most robust and supportive structure. The components of the structure lay on a flat surface with no bars across the bottom. And they are fit with the same mesh that you see on our matching fences. Also, you can lift the latch high, making it much more challenging for a child to reach over. They are unclimbable by children but easy for adults to use. 

    In Texas, some pools can be very large! It’s not uncommon to see two pool gates, depending on the size of your Polk County Texas pool or the layout of your pool area.

    Innovative And Effective Locking Systems 

    Life Saver Pool Fences come equipped with sturdy locking systems such as the safety snap latch. And the Perma lock. These safety snap latches come plated with nickel and a stainless-steel spring installed within the latch. No matter if you are right-handed or left-handed, without any hassle. If that does not impress you, please check out the Perma lock system we offer. These stainless-steel locks come with an effective tool that makes it much easier to open the lock. The Perma lock is designed to exceed all the requirements for all codes and laws. These locks are often used with a self-latching and self-closing gate. 

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    Protect Your Pets in Polk County, TX with Mesh Safety Fence

    Protect your family and don’t forget, Life Saver Pool Fence Southeast Texas can also protect your pets too! It’s not just children, but even your pets can be at risk of drowning in a swimming pool without any safety equipment. In fact, especially small sized pets are at risk for drowning in pools. It only takes seconds for a drowning accident, and things can transform from bad to worse in no time. Put in a pool barrier! 

    Life Saver Pool Fence Color Options

    All About In Polk County, TX

    Polk County, TX, is a county located in Texas in the US. The county harbors a population of 50123 as of the 2020 census. Polk County, TX, has a lot to offer, including some of the key landmarks of the region Big Sandy Creek Unit, Lake Livingston State Park, the legendary Lake Livingston Dam, Big Thicket National Preserve, Big Sandy Trail, Big Thicket National Preserve, Woodlands Trails, and even the famous Tombigbee Lake. 

    Pool Safety Resources for Polk County, TX, Residents

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